Jemima Sumgong (W)

athlete, from Kenya, born 1984-12-21, 1 sanction

Notes: She received a four-year ban from April 2017 but was handed an eight-year ban after the independent tribunal judged that she committed a second anti-doping offence of “tampering with a doping control”. Michael Beloff QC, chair of the independent tribunal reader, said he found “compelling evidence demonstrating the athlete submitted false medical documents to an anti-doping organisation and to the tribunal”. On Sumgong’s claim that she was in a Nairobi hospital when anti-doping records show she was in Kapsabet, Beloff added: “To put the matter colloquially, she could not be in two places at once.” “We hope that it sends a message to dopers that the AIU has strong investigative capabilities and does not tolerate false evidence in doping cases,” said Brett Clothier, the head of the AIU. - As reported in Athletics Weekly on Jan. 25, 2019 Final DT Decision

2019 - EPO (4 years) and tampering with a drug control (4 additional years)


January 17, 2019

2 years, 8 months finished


January 20, 2027


no record

Date of Infraction

April 3, 2017


Out of competition test.